What We Believe

The Church of the Brethren holds to the historic belief that all scripture, both New and Old Testament, is the inspired Word of God, infallible, without error and the final authority on how we should live our lives and practice our faith.


The Church of the Brethren holds, as a creed, the New Testament. This means that we desire to live out seriously, thoughtfully all that was taught in the New Testament and to conform to the pattern laid out for us by our model, Jesus Christ.


We believe in one God, triune, one in essence but three in person. Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


We believe God created all things and sustains all things. We believe He is good, faithful, just, holy and loving, perfect in every way and worthy of our worship. He knows all things and all things are governed by His will.


We believe in Jesus Christ as the only way to salvation and that believing on Him, confessing Him as Savior and Lord is necessary to receive eternal life. His sacrifice on the cross was the only way for humanity to be forgiven and be reconciled to God, satisfying God's justice for sin and offering us grace by which we can be saved through faith.


We believe in the Holy Spirit who does a supernatural work in all who come to faith in Jesus Christ. As Jesus said, we must be born again to see the kingdom of God. When we are born again the Holy Spirit comes to live and dwell in the believer, He changes us, helps us pray and moves us closer to being, walking, talking and thinking more like Christ.


We believe that it is our mission as believers is to glorify God and preach the gospel of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ to all peoples. Our mission is to tell others, to make and raise up disciples who would themselves live it, preach it, and impact their work, family, friends and neighborhoods with the message of hope and life through Jesus Christ.


The Church of the Brethren holds historically to a peaceful stance concerning wars and conflict in the world, desiring to reconcile in all circumstances, so long as it is possible, to preserve peace.


We also practice believer's baptism, meaning that upon confession of faith that a believer must follow according to what Christ commanded and be baptised, by immersion, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This is not a matter of salvation but is of necessity in order to be obedient to God's commands.


Finally we believe in celebrating the full Love Feast as presented in John 13:1-17. Setting us apart, we as a denomination take part, not just in communion with bread and cup, but a fellowship meal and the great service that Jesus' taught himself, the washing of feet. This humble act of service reminds us all of our position as servants of a worthy God and what it means to love and serve Him as well as remind us of what it means to love and serve one other.


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