A Word From The Heart:

Brothers, Sisters, Family,

    This week we celebrate Pentecost in church history. Nearly 2,000 years ago 120 people met in an upper room waiting, praying, seeking the Lord. A promise had been given that if they tarried (waited with anticipation) in Jerusalem that they would be “endued with power from on high” (Luke 24:49). Those 120 believers had been promised the Holy Spirit. Surely that’s what He meant when he said “clothed with power.” Right? The world had long known the power of the Spirit. Jesus, most of the evening before His crucifixion (John chapters 14-17), explained in detail who He was. What was His character? What was His position in the Godhead, what would He do when He came and how would He change our lives? Jesus said it was better that He leave humanity and that the Spirit would dwell in us when He came. It would be a new, unknown way. The disciples were shocked, confused, even sorrowful at this. Now, 40 days after His resurrection, Christ had ascended to heaven. He had conquered the grave, risen, proved that death no longer had a hold on humanity yet he was gone. The questions surely overwhelmed! What did this mean? What would happen? How would it happen?

    In these days we may find ourselves in a similar place. What is God doing in the world today? How is He going to bring a resolution to the mess we’re in!?!? We aren’t just battling a virus, we’re battling political turmoil, civil unrest, cultural divides and social issues, not to mention all the hardships caused in many of our personal lives. What is God doing?

    Can I ask you to do a few things for me? One, remind yourself that God is good. How so? Remember, He has all wisdom, His ways are higher than ours, far beyond our limited understanding. Remember, He has all power. There is nothing that is beyond His control. Remember He is eternal. He knows and has seen the end from the beginning and has been and will be from before time and will be after. Remember, He is also Love itself. He defines it, expresses it by His very being. His sending of Christ, His beloved Son, the Son willingly taking on human flesh to die the death we deserved proves this. Two, love Him and pursue Him in prayer, in reading, in worship, in praise with that knowledge! 


    The disciples in that room, men and women, they were confused but they moved forward. They owned Jesus’ promises. They waited, they prayed, they planned for the future in seeking God on Judas’ successor. It was there that God met them! When God stepped in mightily and fulfilled His promises the world was never the same! Truly the resurrection changed our world but it was through Pentecost, the day God came, filled man from the inside that He changed and rocked the world from the inside out! History is defined by dates and this is 2020 because 2,000 years ago 120 believers were filled with the Holy Spirit and proclaimed Christ came! Christ lived! Christ died! Christ rose again! The world, by the power of God, the very presence of God in man, came to know and believe the hope of mankind in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


    We are coming back together soon as a church. Would you join us in a mighty pursuit of God in these days? Would you come and pray as those 120 believers did, not knowing what would happen, how it would happen but trusting? Would you come, seek God, plan for the future, not knowing where He would take us? Would you come be a part of shocking the world together when the Lord comes and endues His people again with power on high?!?!

    I pray you will join us! Let’s go believing, pursuing, expecting and rejoicing!


In Christ’s Love,


Pastor Mark

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